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That was the Year that Was (2011)

Much as I loath top 10 lists and such, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of my favorite posts (where it was fun to write and I got some fun feedback about them), so here is a collection of those posts that made 2011, what it was.

There is no order to the sections or such, I just decided to put them in categories to make life simpler for my gentle readers.


As you can tell from my writing, humour is important to me, so here are a few points I tried to make with humour.


I shy away from direct advice, but sometimes I get close to it.


I love mocking lists on blogs, and here are a few of my attempts at doing just that this year.

Dreams and Miscellaneous

Some posts just defy being classified.

This year is ending, enjoy it with the folks you love, and here is hoping for a better 2012 (financially and otherwise as well).

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