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On Turning 50

Half a Century is a Long Time

Permit me a short wander off-topic to remark on some of the remarkable things I have enjoyed in the half-century I have now lived (yes, I am turning 50 sometime around now).

I have lived a charmed life (sometimes I refer to myself as one of the luckiest bastards on God’s Green Earth), even though in this blog, you might think I was more like Sad Sack or Joe Btfsplk in that I wander around with a black thunder cloud over my head, I can assure you, this is not the case (but I do get reasonably grouchy sometimes). What is essential in life? Money? Not really, but don’t quote me on that, or stop reading here, just that that Money is not the most important thing, it’s just one of the things in life.

Fifty Looks Big
Heck 50 Looks Big in Print Even

Financially I have been a little clumsy over these 50 years, however, all in all, I am a fortunate guy, but it also made me wonder what has gone on during the 50 years of my life?

Over 50 Years What Has Happened Financially?

Good question. Let’s take a quick run through some essential financial things that have happened over my lifetime:

  • Canadian dollar was worth about $1.01 American, and today (January 2011) it is worth $1.01 , interesting it is the same, but there have been vast changes over those 50 years.
  • Inflation was at about 2% back then, and it’s about 2% now
  • Bank of Canada’s rate was about 4% back then, but is now only about 1%, so that is a bit of a drop
  • We have moved off the Gold Standard, but now Gold is highly valued (like back in 1961)

More Birthday Ideas

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  1. I echo another comment: don’t know if today is the BIG day but regardless, Happy Birthday!

    Keep up the great work on the financial ranting, err, blogging.

    Celebrate this weekend will ya?

  2. Not sure if TODAY is the big 5-0, regardless, hope it is a good one bigcajunman. A good time to reflect on your 50 years and bask in the glory of making it through all those years.

    Tomorrow, go back to being grumpy 😀

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