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Random Thoughts: Happy Birthday to Me!

Somewhere in the past few days will be the anniversary of my birth that is somewhere over the number 50 (need to be vague for security and my vanity too). Birthdays are a mile marker in your life. In my case, many exciting things had occurred on my birthday (the most interesting was when I was almost expelled from University (along with my residence floor) ’nuff said there). I hope that nothing too interesting happens this year (however, I think that is a dubious wish, given my track record).

Other more exciting events are happening globally, with the GOP attempting to choose a candidate to unseat the current sitting President (never an easy task). We also have the Iranians rattling sabres about the Straits of Hormuz and whether the U.S. should be around there, and the question of what happens next in North Korea? All in all, 2012 starts in a perplexed way. Let’s hope there is more clarity coming soon.

Weekly Recap

I was a little less financially oriented for this birthday week, more slice of life, but I didn’t worry. I won’t be publishing recipes for raisin muffins. Back to money next week:

  • To start the week Year of the Dragon and Sunday’s Best I discussed how this is a new year for most folks, except for 1/3 of the world’s population
  • Employment numbers still are not getting better and with Unemployment up to end 2011 the news is not getting that much better
  • I started veering off course with Prices Going Up, where I playfully pointed out it costs nothing to read this site (and it will continue to be that way)
  • I am sick and tired about reading how folks can get rich working at home so I had a go at those folks with Make Your Hobby Pay,  no you shouldn’t do as I say.
  • I vented in Observations on Telemarketers these folks are like jackals constantly phoning me!

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter, I am now over 980 folks who follow me. Wow!. Check out my Facebook page as well.

Luckily no one else was aware or commented on my upcoming birthday. However I did find a few new places to read in the new year too:

More Birthday Ideas

Carnivals this Week

I did make it into a few carnivals this week too:

Other Bookkeeping

A Real Birthday Cake!

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“About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.”

Author: Unknown I think I am understanding that more now.

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