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Random Thoughts: Election Fever

Election Time, April Fools!

Election time in Canada means lots of promises, phone calls galore, signs going up and reporters looking for any candidate who might slip up and actually say something original. Nothing much too exciting this week, however Gilles Duceppe seems to be having the most fun (at the expense of the Tories), firing pointed barbs into the Tory “fundamentalist” base (something about the Flintstones, I think).

Promises are going to be flying fast and furious, and accusations about how all parties will raise taxes if they get elected (interesting how everyone is accused of being over spenders, but no one admits to it, sort of like personal finances and such). How is it when a government does finally take power (unless it is a minority) the first thing they do is live down to their opponents’ estimations and raise taxes? Inevitably they then blame it on the previous government’s mismanagement of the budgets. What is astounding is how many times we have seen this in the past 50 years.

  • Bob Rae taking over from Tories in Ontario, raise taxes due to Tories leaving a complete mess
  • Brian Mulroney taking over from Pierre Trudeau taxes go up to pay for deficit
  • Jean Chretien taking over from Brian Mulroney what a mess!
  • Dalton McGuinty taking over from Mike Harris in Ontario OMG!
  • etc., etc., etc.,

You better hope that the Liberals (or Greens, or NDP) get into Power, they will then have Carte Blanche to jack up taxes and blame it all on Stephen Harper.

More election tom foolery and discussions from me this week:

  • There was of course a mention of Lenten Financial Challenge Week #3 where we kept up with our participants.
  • I did ask the question is Following the Crowd is Safe? where I pointed out the danger inherent with that tactic.
  • I couldn’t take it any more after seeing yet another PayDay Loan place open near my house so I suggested Let’s go buy some money, showing how insidious these businesses are (sucking in repeat customers). This is after rolling over customers was outlawed
  • In technology I always fight against The Locked in Factor but you mustn’t do it with your finances as well.
  • And for this election week I pointed out that with all problems in Canada C’est La Faute Du Federal! Which is true not just for Quebec. Thanks Bowser and Blue for your guest appearance.
  • Random Thoughts: Election Time is a recap of the previous week’s best as the 2011 election had just been called.

As a note, I actually enjoy all comments (even the ones that question my sanity), and will try to respond to most comments, so please feel free to comment away.

Hopefully none of my blogging compatriots will not be stooping to cheap April Fools posts:

Carnivals this Week

I also had some submissions accepted to various carnivals, so go have a read of these as well:


“If elected, I will win.”

Author: Pat Paulsen

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  1. Election idea for our politicians: Gas for $1/liter

    150 litres of $1/liter gas per month to each Canadian car owner.

    Here’s an election platform idea: gas for $1/liter for all Canadian car owners. Let’s make the big rich Oil Corporations and the Canadian Political Parties work for Canadians – the rightful owners of Canada’s natural resources.

    This is a challenge to Canadian political parties to introduce the initiative of helping all Canadians with fairly priced gas: 150 litres of gas per month to each car owner at $1/liter.

    With today’s soaring gas prices, Oil corporations are making huge profits from Canadian car owner’s pockets. In the past decade, the cost of producing one liter of gas hasn’t changed nearly as much as prices which have doubled. Oil corporations are doing very well financially while the majority of Canadians are facing hardship and financial challenges. Why should this continue?

    Oil companies were granted the rights to exploit the Canadian oil reserves by the Canadian Government, the custodian of all natural resources for all Canadians. It is time for the Oil corporations turn to pay – split some of the profits with the Canadians, the rightful owners of the exploited oil reserves.

    The Canadian politicians should work with Oil corporations to help ease the Canadians financial burden by providing them with a Canadian product at a fair price:

    150 liters of gas per month to each car owner at $1/liter
    300 liters of gas per month to each car owner with small business at $1/liter

    If the Oil corporations in Canada can export gasoline products below the market price then they should first reward those who gave them the business of exploiting the Canadian oil reserves – that is, the Canadian people.

  2. canada election means what for quebec…..bunch of talk most lies and harper is a dictator and liberal fraud scandals from past are still in our mind wich makes me think npd or bloc quebecois for quebec the rest has no interest for me and in quebec jean charest that has seens taxes boost up for population are fed up but again the alternative is pq and no one believe in separation anymore so again adq could be a good alternative tired of the same politicians and lies but no ones has the light brain on to wake up time for a real change or more politic party cause voting for the less worst is a joke has option

  3. Thanks for the mention, we were fortunate enough to have our NDP candidate ring the door bell shortly after our daughter went to bed last night wanting to put a sign on our lawn. Umm, sorry now I’m mad at you!

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