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Random Thoughts: Shut down!

Election Time Week 2

Not much new and exciting this week on the election trail other than Harper attempting to run his campaign “sans media”, Ignatief’s Family Fun Pack of Liberal (re)hash, Jack Layton saying all politicians are corrupt (an interesting paradox), the Green Party not being allowed into any debates and Gilles Ducepe chuckling his way to the ballot box. No real new ideas yet, but the debates coming soon should make for much more financial fodder for us to discuss in the coming weeks.

Down South however, the entire U.S. government may shut down today, because they have run out of money (and don’t have a new budget to run from). This is kind of cool in some ways, and terrifying in other ways, but no matter how you do it, this kind of Political Stand off does make for interesting news.  Our Japanese friends are also attempting to shut down nuclear reactions and the expulsion of radioactive water from their reactors as well.

Lent continues on but the end is in sight (and then the celebrations), only 2 weeks to go until Easter.

Yesterday was World Health day, I was going to go for Irony and phone in sick, but I didn’t have the nerve.

Security and various breeches (at Epsilon especially) filled my posts this week:

  • I took a poke at our political leader with my post of I Promise to Cut Services and Lower Taxes, where I pointed out that the Government’s Budget is not that different from our own personal budgets.
  • A big discussion point is Garbage and Green Bins in Ottawa , at least around where I live, and I am not sure we are not creating a false savings with these new city plans to cut garbage pick ups.
  • The Security breach at Epsilon caused me to question Financial On Line Security, at a lot of these firms.
  • While I like the On Line Financial Services tools available, I have serious misgivings about their security given their reliance on networks and putting all that financial information in one spot.
  • Random Thoughts: Election Fever is another recap of the previous week during the compelling 2011 Election.

As a note, I actually enjoy all comments (even the ones that question my sanity), and will try to respond to most comments, so please feel free to comment away.

Other financial bloggers had their own interpretations of what was going on this week (both financially and politically):

Carnivals this Week

I also had some submissions accepted to various carnivals, so go have a read of these as well:

Jack Layton engages internet culture with new 8-bit internet ... on Twitpic


“I never lied to you, I’ve always been cool, I wanna be elected…”

Author: Alice Cooper (or was it Jack Layton?)

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