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Let’s Talk about Debt

Talk About Debt

For some reason, I jumped on to the Debt bandwagon (I guess all this talk about Credit Limits in the U.S. got me all excited), and my rummaging through my archives did find a few old chestnuts that I enjoyed re-reading (and editing a little too).

Some of these classics were:

  • The video about the cost of joint replacement especially in the older folks strikes close to home (given my mother has had both knees replaced, and I suspect I am heading in that direction as well).
  • Is there such thing as good debt? As I point out in the Good Debt, not bloody likely, no there is not.
  • I show that I do have a nasty edge sometimes with my commentary in investing and he’s an expert in pointing out the mistakes some online analysts and prognosticators have made over time.
  • Keeping with the debt theme debt is like fat points out that debt and being overweight have so many parallels it is scary.
  • Initially, I made the statement that debt reduction was like teenage sex, but I have since modified that statement, but I do still stand by my analogy.
  • I didn’t know I was that far in debt was not a self-commentary, more of an indictment of the excuse many folks are using these days (i.e. claiming it is not their fault).

Having debt does not make you a bad person, but debt is bad.

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  1. My favorite was the article ‘Why Debt is Like Fat’. I love that analogy! Thanks for all the great posts and classic mentions!

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