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Wind, Shaking and Sunday’s Best

Well after a day where my server was down, we are back up and running (for now). It didn’t have anything to do with Irene or the Earthquake (and it wasn’t Dick Cheney in his secret lair either), but that does seem to be the main topic for the weekend in the U.S. (in Canada it was Jack Layton’s funeral). Hopefully, if you were affected by Irene it was not too bad, although it is quite spectacular seeing the power of the storm.  We have had some bad storms and even a few tornadoes in the Ottawa area, it seems the Weather is a bigger news item these days.

Over the past week I went rummaging through my archives to make some interesting posts on Twitter usually complimenting my post for the day:

  • Given Irene’s wrath this past weekend Plan For Emergencies does still seem topical even today.
  • With the new CPI numbers on Monday I figured I’d reminisce about how the CPI was a year ago, and was reminded that a year ago the HST was brought into play in Ontario, whoo hoo?
  • Is it really OK to buy 50% off meat ? My answer is it should be but you should use it that day.
  • My silly side came forward with the Financial Shock Collar, which might seem a little drastic, but it might actually cut discretionary spending by a ton.
  • Einstein brought a lot of concepts forward in his life but the Rule of 72 is one idea which is essential in money growth.

Enjoy your Sunday and stay dry

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