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Minorities Rule and Sunday’s Best

As I predicted (OK I guessed) we have a minority government in Ontario (for now). Given how close the Liberals are, my guess is  that either a red-Tory or an NDP MPP may walk across the floor and join the Liberals (as a cabinet minister of some kind) to give the Liberals a wafer thin majority. If the minority had been a little larger (i.e. the Liberals only had say 49 seats) this might have been more like a true minority, but my guess is there will be an MPP who is looking to get ahead and serve his constituents better as a cabinet minister. Politics always makes for strange bed fellows and for intrigue in these situations as well.

What does a wafer thin Liberal majority really mean? My guess will be the Liberals will try to shove through their most unfavorable stuff early on in their mandate (i.e. Tax Increases, cuts to services, etc.,) and then if their majority is somehow lost they can hope their constituents forget about previous sins (as they seem to have done this time), or they simply are completely apathetic (like this time as well, 49% turn out, now THAT is apathy). As I said, it is never dull in politics.

As for me this week on my Twitter feed, I managed to rake up some real chestnuts in my (OBG) or Oldie But Goodie stream:

  • Do we really need Banking on a Sunday, well maybe we do, but not this weekend, luckily.
  • Given I keep comparing budgeting to weight loss my post Debt is Like Fat is not a surprise.
  • I don’t dare ask some of my acquaintances this question but How Cheap are You?
  • Another one of my favorite topics is of course Bank Fees and how banks are gouging the hell out of us.
  • Did I mention the Liberals may do their nasty work early on, remember the 15% Electrical Rate Hike?
Enjoy the long weekend, no real post tomorrow, but there might be a humorous one, and then my views on the latest employment numbers from Stats Canada.



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