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Grey Sunday’s Best

It is Grey Cup Sunday for Canadians, but I suspect many don’t care much. The CFL when I was growing up was a big thing, but it has slid into a secondary league and now does anyone care? I might be watching the game, but that remains to be seen (my cat’s toes may need good flossing). I grew up with Russ Jackson, Ron Lancaster, Sonny Wade, and so many other players, but I only know a couple of the players in today’s CFL. This may change if Ottawa gets another CFL franchise (which isn’t going to be called the Rough Riders, maybe the Beavers?).

Black Friday has led to Black Saturday, and if Monday is Cyber-Monday, then I guess this day is called Grey Sunday I think OK?

Lots of odd oldies but goody posts on the Twitter feed, along with a few interesting other posts too:

  • With Black Friday on the horizon, I wanted to remind folks about Buy Nothing Day, where you don’t blow your pay cheque on things you didn’t need.
  • With CPI slowing I figured I’d remind readers about Gasoline Kicking CPI up a year ago.
  • After boasting about my home repair I had to remember that Pride Goeth Before Calling a Plumber, where I ended up making a mess of my pipes.
  • I also reminded other bloggers (and readers) to Give Blood, it is always in need (maybe one day it won’t be, but it is now). Look for a Holiday Blood Donor clinic, it is the best gift you can give.
  • Even though I am inviting folks to bid on doing a Guest Post on my site I still say Guest Posts: Please Stop the Madness!
  • Remember the importance in life of Always Having a Target.
  • One of the hardest questions to answer about found money RRSP or Mortgage? The answer is, it depends!

For those of you who are not aware of the impact that Autism is having on families, a helpful video for you to comprehend the scale of this.

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