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Pride goeth before calling the plumber

In my many years as a home owner I have done a lot of toilet work. I have replaced toilets, replaced wax rings and other things. Sometimes, you get it a bit wrong, like this story in 2008. Pride has nothing to do with it.

I think that loud bang I heard when I turned the water back on for my toilet repair yesterday was more than “just nothing”, given the huge water stain in the ceiling this morning. Yes, after bragging on this very blog of my great home repair skills, Karma or God or however you want to spin it, came and bit me for being so proud of myself.

We have a hole in the ceiling, but now the “leak” has decided to disappear? Might have been residual from the pre-gasket replacement, but I doubt that, should be interesting anyhow.

Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 3

Today’s box, is like those Russian stacking dolls, it is a box in a box. The box in the box is a Safety Deposit box, do you have one? If you don’t wear do you keep your important documents? Remember this is NO LONGER a carrying charge for investing.

Safety deposit box, go get one if you don’t have one, or at least have somewhere safe to put your important documents.

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

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  1. As an alternative to a Safe Deposit Box, we have installed a home safe. It is slightly larger than a Safe Deposit Box. It is fireproof and flood proof (so we are assured by the manufacturer). It was relatively inexpensive. We have had it for several years and I think it was around $200. The biggest benefit is that we are not subject to the bank’s hours when we need to retrieve an important document. It is well hidden in our house and only our potential-executor and lawyer know where it is located.

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