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Canajun Finances Home » Random Thoughts: Gettin’ out of Baghdad

Random Thoughts: Gettin’ out of Baghdad

With Christmas coming up, I also will be publishing my 2000th post somewhere in the next little while as well. That kind of astounds me that I have written that much, I guess I should really look at all of this and see if it could be edit’ed down into a more useful format, we’ll see.

Preparations for Christmas were first in my mind this week as can be seen from the odd cross-section of post themes chosen:

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter I am now over 960 folks who follow me, wow!

Can we make it to a Santa Rally this year? I really think that we may have to wait for a recovery into well into 2012, but other writers may disagree:


If a blogger disappears off the Web, does anybody care?

Author: Unknown (but badly paraphrased from Bruce Cockburn)

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  1. Thanks for the mention BCM, I always appreciate the blog support!

    As for the war, dare I say it, it shouldn’t have started. W’s fight his daddy didn’t have.

    I did like the snappy answers to financial questions post.

    Have a great weekend. Stay away from Bayshore and other Ottawa malls!

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