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Tebow time and Sunday’s Best

Today we have another chapter in the Tim Tebow saga, and will he be able to perform his 4th quarter miracles this week. I love watching NFL football anyhow, but this just adds more fun (I personally think it will end up being more like another Mark Fidrych, but I have been proven wrong before). Does this have anything to do with Christmas or finances? Not really, but it does give us a diversion from Holiday shopping and the Economic Armageddon in Europe, so I view it as worth discussing.

The New York Times Store

The topics I tweeted about this week are their normal diverse cross-section of oldies but goodies:

  • I love a good bargain as much as the next person but some Half Price Products should just be left on the shelf.
  • An interesting question that arises in Canadian Personal Finance in the area of saving comes the question TFSA or RRSP ? The answer is “it depends” .
  • Given my battles with Dell I reprieved Be Relentless and Cyber Monday Better Watch Out (not really an oldies, but still a goodies)
  • My loathing of Top 10 lists as a theme for posts is obvious in More Top 10 Lists, I just view it as lazy writing, and I’ll give you 10 reasons why… no wait…
  • I go back over 7 years to give you a Clarification on a Dickens Quote from David Copperfield, a shorty, but a goody!
  • With Einstein’s Rule of 72 we see a simple way to figure out the doubling period for your savings.

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