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Year of the Dragon and Sunday’s Best

Our friends in China will celebrate the year of the Dragon in a few weeks (January 23rd I believe), the year of the Water Dragon to be more precise. I have tried to find out what kind of year this may be in terms of the Chinese Zodiac, but I really didn’t find any useful information on-line (anyone who knows, please comment and help me out).

Winter continues on in Ottawa with plenty of changeable weather, snow and cold one day, rain and warmer the next. Will the world’s alleged longest skateway be open in time? Only time and the weather will tell, but it is an important part of Tourism in Ottawa, so let’s hope so. Speaking of ice, as I mentioned on Friday, the anniversary of the great ice storm of 1998 passed pretty quietly. I still remember that week or two, and it was quite scary for a lot of folks (no big worries for me or my family).

What tweets did I make in the past week? Pretty diverse group of recollections of my past 8 years of blogging:

Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. Have you considered a decent cash back credit card rather than the PC Financial points?

    PCF works out to 1% that you can only use at Loblaw’s. MBNA SmartCash offers 3% for gas and groceries (5% first six months) on a maximum of $600/mo, or the Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card offers 4% on a maximum of $25,000 per year (with a $99 annual fee).

  2. I wish I had gone to that Skateway when I lived in Quebec! I can’t skate very well but it’s loads of fun.

    Happy Sunday!

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