Frigid North and Sunday’s Best

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It seems that winter has come to the frozen North of Ottawa, with frigid temperatures, freezing rain, snow but no canal skating as of yet. The window replacement at my house is making the house a little less cold (unfortunately we didn’t do all the windows, so we are still leaking warm air all over the place).  The new windows are helping, but it seems obvious the rest of the windows have to be done this summer.

The week has been interesting in terms of money, but there are rumors abounding in Ottawa of an impending large cut in the Civil Service (the Ottawa Citizen has been rife with hints that this could be the biggest cut in years).  Will this come to fruition, it all remains to be seen.

As for me, there was an interesting cross-section with my tweets and such:

As a public service, here is a great Twitter I saw with a video from Vinnie Jones (one of my favorite actors), showing you how easy it can be to perform CPR (this is a video from the UK, not sure what the laws are in Canada in regard to performing CPR if you are not trained to do it).

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  • bigcajunman January 15, 2012, 12:27 PM

    It may be winter outside, but in my heart it’s still bloody cold!


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