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Raining on All Stars and Sunday’s Best

Unfortunately Ottawa’s chance to show off as a great tourist spot in the winter seems to have fallen flat on its face, with the rain and ice storm during the NHL all-star weekend, meaning the focal point of the festivities the Rideau Canal (aka the world’s longest skating rink) is closed. Ottawa is actually a very nice place in the winter as well as the summer, just sometimes in the winter we get some really super-wonky weather as well (feel free to discuss whether you think it is global warming or whatever).

I notice my twitter count is hovering close to 1000, woo hoo! If you were reading it last week you’ll have noticed me go into my archives to find the following chestnuts:

And for a video thought, watch this heart lifting (and heart rending) video about a special kid with autism and how she started to communicate one day:

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


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