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Romney Rolls and Sunday’s Best

Looks interesting down south in the GOP primaries, with Mitt Romney taking a lead, but does he have it all locked up? I have no idea, but American Politics are my favorite reality TV show these days. If Romney threatens to fire a few more folks, I think he’ll have the nomination in the bag.

Winterlude starts up here in Ottawa, with skating and lots of fun winter activities.

In Canada we have continued fear mongering about what the Conservatives may do to the Canada Pension Plan, and even more warnings from PSAC to the membership about upcoming severe cuts in the civil service.  How deep will these cuts be remains to be seen, but with an aging Civil Service, one must wonder whether the Government may end up cutting folks they might have needed in the future? Speaking as part of the aging Civil Service, we shall see.

On my Twitter feed, lots of interesting rummaging around in my archives (as usual):

  • After all the issues I have been having with our “new” washer (it is just 2 years old now), I wonder if I should have bought the extended warranty and found Pride and the Extended Warranty as well.
  • With RRSP season starting (watch for a BIG giveaway from this site next week) I thought Sunday Banking and Ketchup would be topical.
  • Many times I have said, I Know I SHOULD take the Bus, but now I finally am (and actually enjoying it).
  • With all the talks of cuts and such I found A year Ago, where I outline what happened when I got laid off (and how lucky I was).
  • I’ve always wanted to see a Scared Straight for Finances type program on the TV, with a no holds barred kind of view, and lots of screaming at folks who do silly things financially.
  • A little more information in my archives about being declared redundant On Being Laid Off, is raw, but truthful.
  • Is there anything Dumber than Snake Mittens, financially, there might be.

Our friends at PBS give us an interesting panel discussion about Autism and how the American Health system and services will have to deal with the effects of the increased diagnosis that is going on:

Watch Autism Now: How Can We Cope With Autism as ‘National Health Emergency’? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

 An interesting discussion group.

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  1. I found it rather entertaining when you called the American political system your favorite reality tv show… lmao. Not that good humor!

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