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Big Giveaways, SPAM and Random Thoughts

It is rare that I run big giveaways on this site (mostly because folks won’t give me stuff to give away, and when they do, I tend to keep them), but this week, I announced the big giveaway of 5 on-line licenses for Turbotax (so you use it on-line, you don’t get the version that runs on your PC). The response so far is better than usual, but there aren’t that many entrants just yet, so you have a good chance of winning. The draw closes on Valentine’s Day, so you can give your loved one a late gift (something every woman wants, tax software).

I also learned that it is possible to SPAM your friends accidentally if you use Gmail. I ended up only sending a fairly innocuous e-mail to about 350 people, where I learned that many folks’ e-mail addresses have expired, and I actually got in touch with a couple of folks I hadn’t spoken to in a while. This taught me that (a) you must continue to be vigilant with technology or it will eventually make you look like an idiot and (b) it is important to clean out your contacts list more than once every 5 years.  I also learned that in French a SPAM (e-mail) is called un pourriel, which is useful too (note it is masculine).

Weekly Recap

Explosions rock downtown Ottawa!  I think this has to do with the new Trains going in, but it might just be for construction, either way it does make life exciting:

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter I am now over 1000 folks who follow me, woo hoo! Check out my facebook page as well (but no I won’t be buying Facebook stock because of this either).

Links for the Week

Facebook’s IPO was big in the news, but RIM is still out there bubbling up, and TAX TIME is even more important too:

Other Bookkeeping

Someone Call For A Demolition Expert?

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A Video for Blasting

I give you one of the funniest demolition experts ever, Blaster Bates. The video itself is a little NSFW, but only if you can understand a Lancashire accent. My Dad loved hearing this comic, and I loved how he made my Dad laugh.

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  1. lol pourriel. If I recall, email is ‘courriel’ so it’s a portmanteau of bastard and email. The French are hillarious with portmanteaus, like ‘merdeuf’.

  2. Thanks for the link love! And you’re right – I do remember everything. 😉

    Just found you recently and I’m really enjoying your blog and the Canadian perspective. You may or may not know this, but I am originally from Ottawa. Born and raised there and went to Ottawa U as well. So, what’s this about trains in Ottawa? I’m intrigued!

    We go to Ottawa for a couple of months every summer, so maybe we’ll bump into you on the train one day. 😉

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