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Credit Cards, Cheques, and Random Thoughts

I seemed fixated on credit cards and modes of payments this week, but with the RCMP shutting down a large (worldwide) credit card and debit card fraud ring, I guess I was spot on target for topics (I’ll have to thank Mrs. C8j for having her debit card cloned again).

In Quebec, students continue to complain that they have the lowest tuition fees in Canada, and in fact are now asking that Post Secondary Education be free and available to all who wish to attend. Why does that sentence seem like something out of Alice in Wonderland? I wish Les Etudiant et Membres de CLASSE bonne chance, because they are going to need it (and let’s hope it is not them who are disrupting the Metro in Montreal, enraging already uptight Montreal commuters is not the way to build public support).

Our European friends continue to make daytime soap operas seem dull, with more plot twists than a thoroughbred horse intestines! France elects a new president who says “retirement should be at 61 not 63” and Greece elects representatives who want nothing to do with the on-going austerity measures. This will give the financial pundits no end of fun and excitement, discussing the impending Global Economic Implosion.

In the U.S. Obama may have come across a stroke of genius in his re-election campaign, which is the infamous “bait and switch” topic trick. He has now openly spoken about Same Sex Marriages, which will cause a fire-storm of discussions, which may distract folks from the still ailing U.S. Economy. This tactic could win him the election (or lose it, depending on your point of view), the Republicans may have to respond with, “It’s about the Economy Stupid!”, because a moral discussion about same-sex marriage will dull the Republican arguments about the economy (or at least muddy the waters greatly).

Weekly Recap

The topic of money security and identity theft is never a bad topic, but remember you must continue to remain diligent to protect yourself from these syndicates that want your personal info:

  • Our friends in Europe seem to think they are not the problem, so they don’t need to fix it, and have Answered Austerity Measures with Tais-Toi (effectively saying they don’t want an austere lifestyle).
  • As I mentioned Mrs. C8j had her bank card cloned (again), and so Debit Card The Saga continued on, it’s annoying as hell, but at least this time we didn’t have any money taken out of our bank accounts.
  • I really want to figure out how to stop these Credit Card Cheques from appearing on my doorstep, they are of no use and are financially a Molotov cocktail!
  • After the close of another basketball season, I went back to one of my favorite rants with I Blame the Refs (financially speaking).
  • Taxes, Les Impots and Les Penses Random God gave the food to the rich but the appetite to the poor, is a French expression that sums up the 1% very nicely.

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Ain’t life grand? No I didn’t win $50M with the Lottery, so it ain’t grand yet, but maybe tonight, wonder what I’d write about if that happened? We know that my favorite writers would keep writing and pump out more quality posts like these:

Some Comforting Porsche Words

Keeping with Preet’s Porsche theme:

I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.

Ferdinand Porsche —what would he do now with all the investing options? Would he make his own Mutual Fund?!?

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  1. I always enjoy reading your take on things. Mandy, your last commenter, took your Obama lines in a positive light, as did I, only differently, 180 degrees. We commenters are amusing and sustaining.

  2. I agree with your stance on Obama’s decision to take a newly announced, supportive stance on gay marriage. It will keep his name in the mouths of Americans, and it is a smart way to turn attention away from the ridiculous economy discussion. I would rather have Obama than any of the Republican candidates.

    1. I can go one better, I owned one, but my brother had a couple and he actually did High School Leaving Exams with one (and I think his first couple of years at McGill with it as well).

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