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Taxes, Les Impos and Les Penses Random

A week where you had better have sent in your taxes, or you will be paying some penalties. If you don’t owe money, you have until June 15th, but if they owe you money, why don’t you want it right now?

Apologies for the franglais in the title a butchered attempt to use both official languages in Canada (I should misspell taxes to show my inability to write in English as well).  My French training continues, I am astounded at my inability to comprehend English and French, but c’est la vie!

A year of the “Harper Conservative Government” (I believe that is a copyrighted phrase), oh boy! I mentioned this to my friends here in Ottawa who are civil servants, and they grumbled, so then I asked, “Why did we elect so many tories in Ottawa last year ?”(John Baird, Pierre Poillievre, etc., etc.). It seems to stop the conversation quickly.

There are many exciting stories in Canada this week with Conrad Black possibly returning, more F-35 stories and, of course, the heart-rending video of a mother duck and her ducklings crossing the 401, perhaps the most important video you will see this year (I can’t find it anywhere, but it was good to see the little group made it across the highway).

Weekly Recap

I had some fun this week with a couple of topics, which I enjoyed writing about, but a quieter week for my writings, even though the markets look like they are lining up to have another roller coaster ride this summer!

With tax week coming and going, the topic seemed to hang there like the proverbial 800 lb gorilla, but nobody much talked about it:

A French Quote about the Rich

“Dieu a partage : il a donne la nourriture aux riches et l’appetit aux pauvres”

Coluche – a very apt quote for this blog (and for the 1% crowd as well).

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  1. Tanks for the link. (That’s the extent of my french)

    You are slated to be a guest on episode 5, although I will mention off-off-broadway mortgages in episode 3.

  2. Personally I feel no obligation to learn to speak french more fluently. Sure it’s the official second language, but nobody speaks it out here in BC. Really, Chinese should become an official second language soon.

    1. Actually I think Chinese may just get some status soon, given the proportion of the population that can speak it, however, which variant? Mandarin is my guess. I’d love to try to learn Mandarin, but right now it is French.

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