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Fathers, Diamond Jubilees, Postal Issues and Random Thoughts

Father’s Day is now on the event horizon (not this coming weekend, but next weekend; however, Father’s Day isn’t that advertised, so I figured I’d get an early start on my site).

It was disappointing to hear that body parts mailed from Montreal arrived in two days; however, those mailed to Vancouver took over 1 week to deliver; no wonder most lunatic murderers tend to use FedEx (I have heard, but I can neither confirm nor deny that statement)!

In Montreal the Grand Prix may be marred by protests, however in Toronto, we had shootings in the Eaton Center, holy cow, this country seems to be turning into a hot bed for big International stories. Toronto in response to this random act of violence vowed to ban plastic bags by next year, and in other news Brian Burke has fired Ron Wilson in response to the ban on plastic bags, in response to the Leafs, the Canadiens fired Randy Cunnyworth and Ron Wilson as well.

Congrats to Queen Elizabeth II (not sure if she reads this, but just in case) on her Diamond Jubilee! Glad to see Tom Jones crooning away at the Concert, and of course Madness. Get well soon Prince Philip, although at 91 he still looked pretty spry in the Jubilee Flotilla. Charles did look a little impatient, wondering when he gets his big promotion!

If I offered you $100 now, or $120 in two years, which would be the better choice? Just check at the end of this post for a quick explanation by the Khan Academy.

Weekly Recap

A great deal of rugby was watched by me this week, but I held off making any off-hand posts about how Money is like Rugby, but maybe next week:

  • The Khan Academy and Sunday best highlights a very interesting site for learning and some of my Oldie But Goody posts on my Twitter Feed.
  • With all of the different consumer retention systems it is important Don’t Forget Your Points, or you are throwing money away (or at least free stuff).
  • It’s a little early, but I wanted to help folks with Father’s Day in a week with Sure Fire Father’s Day Gifts, don’t miss the Chris Rock audio clip as well.
  • The Bank of Canada continues it’s role as Crack Dealer (in terms of debt and low interest rates) with Money Remains Loose for June 2012 in Canada. Why not start raising it now? The economy couldn’t take it is the easy answer.
  • I didn’t have much to write about Thursday so I found an old bit of writing I started, but couldn’t figure out the ending, but I found one this week What do Fathers Worry About? Yes, don’t talk to me when I am watching an NFL football game!
  • RIMs, Foot, Hand, Body and Some Random Thoughts Life in Ottawa gets interesting – a local Foot challenge had police, bomb squad & more at 130 Albert St. 

It was heartening to know that Canada Post can deliver packages even without proper mailing addresses (and irregardless of the package content), what is the postage for a human foot?:

Fun Video on Future Value of Money

The Khan Academy does a neat presentation on the future value of money, well worth watching :

Feel Free to Comment

    1. Due to this Brian Burke is not sure whether he actually fired Ron Wilson, so he fired him again, to be sure! The Canadiens fired Randy Cunnyworth again, just for fun.

  1. I am so glad I’m out of the den of hippies that is Toronto. Just zero common sense, it’s painful. The idiots acted like it was a major victory to steamroll voters with their Streetcar City. Meanwhile, a trip on a streetcar along Eglinton will take twice as long as a subway, it’ll plug up intersections and roads (as if driving in Toronto needed to be more terrible), and will produce more emissions. Wow what a great victory for the hippies, most of whom have never woken up before 9am to go to work, let alone having to ride the Bloor-Danforth. I’m glad they, and their $100k+/year gravy train downtown Jack Layton love fest-er councillors got to decide the best transit plan for the majority of Torontonians.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. BCM,

    The reason only plastic bags have been banned is that there would be an uproar in Toronto if paper bags were banned because that is what Leaf fans wear over their heads at the end of every Leaf season.Based on the new Habs coach, their fans may be double bagging it at year end,with a plastic and paper combo 🙂

    Also, if my media empire was a large as yours, I would recommend you consider a family trut to allocate out $750,000 of capital gains to each child when you finally cave-in and sell out.

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