Happy Canada Day!

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Today is Canada Day, where we celebrate the confederation of our Country (well most of us, some in Quebec choose to ignore this), so this means all stores and banks are closed tomorrow (?!?!?) (This is pretty weird that everything is open on Canada Day, but closed the day after?!?!?). Enjoy Canada Day then, and go shopping (remember you can’t tomorrow).

Canada Day in Ottawa is actually pretty darn cool, with all the celebrations on Parliament Hill and if you are a Canadian, maybe you should come by (one year) to enjoy it all. A good year to think about doing this might be 2017 since Canada turns 150 then

Happy 145th Birthday Canada (the best Country in the world to live in (IMHO)). To my American friends, sorry, Canada is just a little better.

Happy Canada Day!

Most of us in Canada will be dancing this jig today.

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