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Happy Canada Day

A nice alignment today with Canada Day (July 1st) actually being on a Monday for 2013, so a LONG Weekend for we Canadians, enjoy your time off. The summer has begun, shouldn’t you be out fixing all that stuff outside that you said you’d get done in January?!?

Canada is an amazing country to live in, and if I have not said it enough, it is the Greatest Country in the World. Where else could the son of immigrants, grow up to write one of the 2 million best financial blogs on the Inter-web? What a country!

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day 
Canadian Flag
Happy Canada Day

Other Canada Days

Fourth of July

We mustn’t forget our family down south.

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  1. How did you know we were taking the old fence gate off the side of the house today? Oh, that’s right, we’re ALL doing home maintenance. Remind me again why we stopped renting?

    I hope you can enjoy some of the festivities in the Nation’s Capital on behalf of all of us. It’s nice when for once the explosions, smoke and hot air are over the Parliament buildings, not in them.

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