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Happy Canada Day !

Canada Day it is Again!

The true North 38,000,000 strong and free, and still growing!

Enjoy the holiday Canadians!

Happy Moving Day in Montreal!

For those of you in Montreal, July the 1st is also the day that most leases begin, so enjoy your moving day, hope you found a moving van, and don’t carry too much up those winding stair cases!

And Now A Large Flag

Happy Birthday Canada
Canadian Flag Image Bank of Montreal

And Finally an NFB Vignette

Canada Vignettes: The Maple Leaf by National Film Board of Canada

Other Canada Days

Fourth of July

We mustn’t forget our family down south.

NFB Videos

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  1. Indeed, around 250,000 families (700,000 individuals) each year. Of course, most of these will be in Montreal.

  2. Happy Moving Day in Montreal!

    Funny, but this is actually going on across the province, not just Montreal.

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