When you hear hoof beats…

in Debts, Parable

… don’t think Zebras! I heard that on some cop show (most likely CSI Sheboigan, or something like that), but it proved itself again today. I spent my day off helping install a computer at my Church and over thought the process, it wasn’t that hard.

What does this have to do with Financial Planning and such?

Don’t over complicate things, go with simple plans and goals, and if a problem arises, look for the simple explanation, don’t go looking for Zebras! When would this happen?

  • We don’t have any money left, maybe the bank lost it? No, maybe you spent it!
  • Our credit card bill never drops, must be someone has stolen our identity? No, you don’t pay enough, and keep spending.
  • etc., etc., etc.,

Don’t go looking for Zebras, it is most likely a horse (or maybe a Jack-ass).


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