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Olympic Fever, Ramadan, Dry Grass and Sunday Thoughts

The 2012 London Olympics start this Friday! Holy cow that is so exciting (yes, I am not being facetious, surprisingly). I got to see the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, and even before then, I loved the Olympics for the sheer number of events and all the different sports. Will this be a good Olympics for Canada? We shall see, it shouldn’t matter (in Montreal I think we got 2 medals for the whole thing), but Canadians are becoming more concerned about medal counts (remember this isn’t the winter Olympics).

The drought in Ottawa continues, and the City is actually telling folks to water their grass to prevent brush fires and such. This seems like an odd request to me, so I am ignoring it for now. I have been watering my hanging baskets and such, but 95% of that water has come from our rain barrel.

The whole Dark Knight incident in Denver is upsetting on so many levels. My prayers are with the families of the victims and the first responders who had to deal with all the carnage. I don’t understand this, and I think I’d be more worried if I did.

Happy Ramadan to my 3 Muslim readers, if you live in Ottawa, respecting your Ramadan fast is hard (the days are mighty long).

Given I am still cleaning out my archives, I have found many old chestnuts in the archives (I am still on Google’s Bad Boy list due to too many links; I am attempting to remedy this, but I am also not sure whether I can satisfy their demands either):

  • But I Don’t Know Who to Give to This Christmas, points out a lot of the good charitable organizations in Ottawa that you can give to (all year round if you wish).
  • 10 Steps to a Debt Free Life is a tongue in cheek top 10 list for those lovers of lists out there.
  • Worst Financial Advice I ever Gave makes me sad because of who I steered in the wrong direction and the fact that he is dead now too (not because of my advice, I don’t think).
  • A year ago, thanks to a broken water main here in Ottawa we had to learn about Living Without Water, and it was no big hardship, but some of our neighbours got quite upset about it.
  • My all time favorite post is Advice: Best Financial Advice I Ever Received, I tell that story a lot to folks, and most people don’t understand why I love the story, oh well.
  • I wrote Whatever Happened to the Pawnbroker, before Pawn Stars became popular, I think I know where the Pawnbroker went, now.
  • There was an interesting article in the Huffington Post Born to Run, it is about a friend who I went to school with and who is related to my wife, well worth reading and seeing how some folks refuse to set limitations on their life.
  • With Banks, Cell Phone Companies, Cable Companies and Gyms Don’t be afraid to Make a Change, because none of these firms appreciate their existing customer base, they always covet new customers!
  • Everyone’s Resume Sucks, from what I can tell, and they should all be using expensive Resume Writing Services to rewrite them.

Another fun week ahead for me, my last (hopefully) on French training and then back to my real job (since this blogging thing pays worse than my Paper Route when I was a 12-year-old).

Here is something to think about for a Sunday too:

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    1. For the time they were, it was the availability question that was the hardest part. I got to see the Marathon up close, because the course was near my house, saw some Men’s Field Hockey, Soccer, Track Preliminaries and it was fun!

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