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August is Almost Here, Olympics and Sunday’s Best

Where is the summer going? Holy cow, time is flying by and August is almost upon us, you do realize that don’t you? For me this means my French training will hopefully be coming to an end and I will be returning to my office with the correct language profile for my job (all things being equal). Given I started in February it hasn’t been that long, but I do look forward to a change of scenery (although I will miss being in downtown Ottawa, a nice place to spend a summer lunchtime).

I enjoy watching the Olympics, even though it is just the first few days. The Canadian Women’s Basketball team looked great against Russia, and the Women’s Soccer team played well as well, I hope all the Canadian athletes enjoy their Olympic experiences. I watched the feed from RDS, you’ll see stuff like Table Tennis and Judo there as well.

I have slowed down my cleanup on the website, although I have been doing a few things behind the scenes that you shouldn’t be noticing; there will be some changes very soon, depending on how much free time I actually get in August.

As for my Twitter Feed, it still has some of the best Oldie But Goodie Posts (OBG) from my archives:

All in all an interesting week of old but still relevant posts.

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