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Saving or being Cheap?

Yes, I caught myself doing something that drove me quite insane as a kid. My mother and father grew up in a completely different world than I did. They had very different ideas about the importance of saving (their attitudes are much better than their sons’, I freely admit). When they left the UK, there was still rationing, and both of them lived through World War II. Saving was the watchword for them.

My mother was always saving a little bit here and there. One of her tricks was taking leftover cereal from old boxes and adding them to the new boxes. This was due to her lazy sons opening the new cereal before the old one was finished. That may not sound too bad to you, but it didn’t matter if the old box was Puffed Rice and the new box was Corn Flakes. This meant you ended up with some very interesting hodge-podge cereals. You never knew what would pour out of the box in the morning.

Portraits in Saving or Cheapness?

Saving Frugal or cheap?
Cheap or Frugal?!?!

This morning, I did the same thing. I must admit, I finally had it with my daughters not finishing the cereal, and we had 5 boxes of cereal open, so I started to merge boxes together. I am very interested to see what they think of it tomorrow morning when they get their “special mix” cereal.

Another thing Mum liked to do was to pour the remnants of Ketchup bottles into the new ones, and I must admit I do that one, and I also do that with Laundry Detergent as well.

Thanks for the life lessons, Mum; your ways are sometimes the best!

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  1. My mom did that to me all the time when I was a kid. Irritated me to no end.

    I mean, who adds Honey-Nut Cheerios to Corn Flakes? Froot Loops to Rice Krispies?

    Try having a friend over and explaining to them why there are chunks of shredded wheat in their Apple Jacks.

    How uncouth!

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