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Canajun Finances Home » Sometimes You Just Gotta Set the Toilet on Fire (to learn a lesson)

Sometimes You Just Gotta Set the Toilet on Fire (to learn a lesson)

When I was younger, I was a bit of a pyromaniac (OK, a lot of a pyromaniac), in that I really enjoyed burning things, and I indulged my love of burning things many times in my younger life.

Many a time, I would lock myself in the bathroom with a set of matches stolen from my Dad (who was a smoker), and I’d set things on fire. It started just with the matches, then I looked at the toilet paper roll and I thought, now that might burn nicely as well, and once or twice I indulged in this activity. Very satisfying and enjoyable (at least I thought at the time).

Then came the day, I used a little too much toilet paper, and a scene similar to this erupted:

Burning Toilet learning a lesson
Burning Toilet? A little too much toilet paper?

I ran, my mother found the remnants of this foolish behaviour (luckily, it ended up that only a toilet seat had to be replaced), and I got heck for that (and am occasionally reminded of that foolish behaviour).

What does this have to do with Money? How often did you do something foolish with money, knowing you were an idiot, but just kept going? Have you had the flash fire that finally breaks you of this bad habit, or do you keep making these bad choices?

My toilet fire moment (financially) was buying High Tech Stocks and hanging on to them for too long.

Thanks to Snoop Lion for the fun reminder of my youth.

Canajun Finances Home » Sometimes You Just Gotta Set the Toilet on Fire (to learn a lesson)

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  1. For me, it was impulse buying while shopping for groceries. I would shop while I was hungry, and end up spending twice my budget on items that weren’t on my list.

    Once I started hanging onto my receipts and did the math on unnecessary purchases, I started being much more strict on my purchases, and cut my monthly food bills by 40%!

  2. Wonderful article I must say. My biggest bad habit is to not being able enough to maintain a budget properly. Every month I make a budget right after receiving the salary in hand, but every time I end up crossing the given limit of monthly expense by shopping something or other for my family. I have to get a grip on it as soon as possible I guess.
    Jennifer Goldblum

  3. Very funny. 🙂 My bad habit was running up bills on credit cards that I couldn’t pay off within the month… took me many years to get really sick of paying all that interest but I finally kicked the habit.

  4. lol at your toilet pyromaniac days. I had a phase like that but it was primarily outdoor fire setting. So luckily no damage to the house.

    Financially I guess my habit that I just wasn’t learning from was eating out at restaurants. I knew I was blowing lots of money, but I just felt like money would be unlimited and it was time to live the good life. Also I made the mistake of funding large PPC campaigns with a credit card that I couldn’t afford to pay off until the following month’s commission check would show up. I didn’t really have a flash fire that woke me up, more of a slow burn instead.

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