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Olympics Done, Quebec Elections and some Random Thoughts

A hectic week for me, even though it was a short week, with a round trip to Wolfville and returning to my office, and thus not my regular output of posts and such (my apologies gentle reader), but hopefully I can knock most of the kinks out of the system and be back humming along in the next few weeks.

The Olympics continue on with Canada making a good show of it, what shall I do in the mornings next week, now I can’t just turn on the TV to see a burly young lad flinging a hammer or rowing a boat (and the Olympics won’t be on TV either). Do remember that the Paralympics are starting next week, but there won’t be as much TV coverage of that event (more is the pity I suppose).

Election time is coming in Quebec, and this could be an interesting one. As we saw in the last federal election, Quebecs’ voters are hard to predict (if you had told me the NDP would have the majority of seats in the last federal election I would have said you were on drugs, however, see what we have now). Can Jean Charest prevail? My guess is he will be lucky to get a minority, hopefully we will not have to live through another PQ mandate, just because it becomes very repetitive after a while. No matter what happens, I am confident it is going to be really interesting (I’d vote for anyone who would fix up the construction mess on Quebec’s roads).

Looks like Mark Carney is going to hang around at the Bank of Canada, with reports of him turning down a post at the Bank of England. Good to hear he will continue to hang around, he seems a sensible guy.

Weekly Recap

Why is it that short weeks seem much harder to get through? As I said, running around madly isn’t always the best way to get things done in this life:

  • The August holiday in Ontario goes by many different names but in Ottawa we wish folks Happy Colonel By Day it does have an odd ring to it though.
  • Driving 28 hours can cause your mind to wander, and that is where Some Financial #YOLOs came from.
  • Continuing on my odd train of thought Financial YOLOs I’d like to see clarified that I didn’t really have a problem with the #yolo concept, just with some folks implementations

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter I am now over 1140 folks who follow me, holy liftin! If you join my “Twitter Posse“, you might notice I am also re-Tweeting some posts from the French Media as well (hell, if I am learning the language, shouldn’t we all?).

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Links for the Week

Summer hours continue for many writers, so not as many posts to highlight this week:

Other Bookkeeping

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  1. Something tells me that most Canadians aren’t prepared to have Pauline Marois and a Parti Quebecois government be elected on Sept. 4th.

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