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Canajun Finances Home » Silver, Cheap Companies and Friday #ShoutOuts

Silver, Cheap Companies and Friday #ShoutOuts

It’s hard to believe how fast 25 years can fly by, but sure enough, with my Silver Anniversary Celebration, my age hit home (hard). I am now one of the old guys I used to make fun of when I first started working (and of course, now I have a much greater respect for the wisdom they tried to pass on to me in my early working days. Here is looking forward to the Golden Anniversary in 2037!

Mark Carney urged Canadian firms to stick a crowbar into their wallets and start spending some of the cash they are stockpiling. The Banks seem to have listened as there is talk of them increasing their dividends to their investors (which would make this investor quite happy thanks). Spend money to help the economy arguments always make me very nervous, you want me to go into debt to help other people? Something in that argument troubles me.

The Royal family let it all hang out again, and I, for one, am glad to hear about it. If it weren’t for Prince Harry, the Royal family would be the dullest and most boring folks, but he adds a lot of spice (OK, sometimes a little too much spice) to the mix. I am sure he will be a little more chaste for a while, but I look forward to his next adventure inflagrante.

For me September means many things, but it also means the return of the NFL, so many hours to be spent watching football. I have watched American Football take over as America’s past time but I wish the games didn’t drag on as long as they do (I don’t even watch baseball any more for that same reason). Will there be NHL hockey to watch this fall? Maybe, we’ll see if Gary B. and the owners can get their heads out of their posteriors and figure out how to compromise (a little) so that everyone can get filthy stinking rich.

Weekly Recap

It was a special week for me, but also some new data from our friends at Stats Canada as well:

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#ShoutOuts for the Week

We marked the 1 year anniversary of Jack Layton’s passing, Prince Harry’s nude tuchos, and some asinine remarks about women’s innate abilities to not conceive children after being raped, luckily my favorite writers had other topics in mind:My Own Advisor had a guest writer for Spending Your Money Consciously an interesting concept, I suppose I could be spending unconsciously which might explain some of my credit card bills.

Canadian Budget Binder got a Reader’s Question: How much debt before I budget, which I think is a trick question,  you should budget BEFORE so you don’t GET in debt!

Michael James  has some interesting ideas on Battling Insurance Fraud, the video alone on this post should make you want to get a dashboard camera.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade points out that school is starting soon so has 9 ways to Save $$$ While at University, hopefully my kids will read this too.

The LIBOR scandal makes it on to Tusk Trader’s radar (it never left really) with More problems with the regulators than with the banks.

Preet who is MAD busy, manages to get out Podcast Episode 10: Lots of Fun, with many interesting subjects, and a mea culpa on why he hasn’t been around much lately (he is a very busy guy).

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  1. I think it was a trick question as well lol.. but I think with all the PF bloggers that jumped in to give their 2 cents as well as what I wrote they get the point. I enjoy reader questions as it not only gives me an opportunity to see what fans what to learn about but other fans and bloggers the opportunity to give their opinion. Cheers mate…. poor Harry…. acting all human and paying the price.. tis tis! 😉


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