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Losing Some Good Ones and it’s Sunday #Bro

It’s been a bad week for losing some of my childhood heroes. Neil Armstrong passed away on Saturday, and Phyllis Diller passed away earlier in the week. (You heard me; I loved her self-deprecating humour and laugh.) Jerry Nelson, one of the old-time musicians, passed away as well. I loved the Count and Floyd, the Sax player, and all his other characters.

A fall from grace as well with Lance Armstrong (no relation I don’t think) gave up his fight to keep his Tour De France championships, did he dope? He hasn’t said so, so I can’t say, but he has given up fighting, which might suggest something.

In Quebec and other places, it has been back-to-school time (for those who will go, for those who wish to protest, maybe not so much), and for the rest of us, the spectre of back-to-school looms very soon!

The Twitter feed has a lot of interesting older posts from my archives, as I checked out how my old posts look in my new template.

OK Count, one more time, the Batty Bat!

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  1. You said: “He hasn’t said so, so I can’t say, but he has given up fighting, which might suggests something.”

    What do you think it suggests? Do you have any idea how draining and taxing it is trying to defend yourself for YEARS and YEARS of something you didn’t do? He never failed a test, yet they wouldn’t let up and why? I didn’t personally go through years of accusations but the time that I did was draining enough… I can only imagine how he feels.

    I’m not saying that he’s not guilty….no one knows that but him…..but why do we always assume the worst of someone? Yea, the world sucks these days…but we don’t have to.


    1. Agreed, the problem is now that no questions are answered by this (yet). No new proof has appeared (yet) so this may be, as you say, a man finally just giving up, or maybe not, I was simply pointing out that giving up can be construed as being an admission of guilt (but it might not either).

      Those who believe his innocence will not change their opinions, but those who believe him guilty are not likely to view this as anything less than a guilty plea. Only time will tell ( or will it, we still have no definative statement on other alleged illegal drug users, so who knows)?

      1. And I doubt we ever will get definitive statements of the other “alleged” drug users,…..Roger Clemens, for example. I guess it’s all in our perception of the person and probably life, in general…:-) Good article though…

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