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Canajun Finances Home » Better Dividends, Presidential Races, Elections and Friday #Shoutouts

Better Dividends, Presidential Races, Elections and Friday #Shoutouts

What a busy week behind and ahead of us, with a lovely long weekend in between (and it is back to school too).

As a Bank shareholder, I am glad to hear a few of them (BMO) will be raising their dividend payouts. I am not complaining I have enjoyed holding these shares, and having the dividend increase makes my DRiP that much happier, but it has been a while since they up’ed their dividends. RBC announced record earnings for their 3rd quarter and Scotiabank is now going to buy the assets of ING Canada, wow, those are some busy banks. How do they make so much money, oh I forgot, they gouge me with service fees, never mind.

The presidential race down south officially started with Mitt Romney’s candidacy being ratified at the GOP convention in soggy Tampa. Who will win? I have no idea, but I suspect who(m)ever does is going to have a rough ride initially with the economy continuing to limp along. The 3 ring circus atmosphere of a US election is unmatched in the political world (IMHO).

Quebec looks to start another dark epoque with the election of a PQ government, the only quesion now seems to be whether it is a majority or minority. Lots of rhetoric about language and forcing Doctors and French-speaking Montrealers to stay put (you wouldn’t think in a democracy that would be a topic, but that is precisely what is being proposed). I lived in Quebec my formative years and I can assure you this is not strange, Quebec politics is the Cirque du Soleil of politics (they strive to be very avant garge, and no one understands the story line, but they enjoy the show).

For me, I have an empty-ish nest and am grappling with what this really means for my wife and I, both financially and in terms of our newly found spare time. I might have to start another blog (no wait, I already have one about How to NOT Make Money on the Internet).

Weekly Recap

Hurricanes and back to school were both in the air this week for me:

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter.

With the GOP treading water in Tampa, the Paralympics starting in London, and the Big Canadian banks announcing big profits there was a lot to write about this week:

Quebec Proud
Gens Du Pays, c’est à ton tour… To Vote at Least!

Quebec Election Quotes

«C’est vrai, c’est vrai qu’on a battus, au fond, par quoi? Par l’argent puis des votes ethniques, essentiellement».

–Jacques Parizeau (1995)


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  1. Thanks for the mention BCM!

    Loved the BMO dividend increase….and the CIBC one…and Royal…and BNS…and yes, the TD one as well. 🙂 It might be a couple more years until they all do this again, so I’m going to enjoy it!

    Nice posts by you this week. Have a great long weekend – take some time to relax from the blog!

  2. I also own BMO! I was pumped to see this. I think their earnings will flatten out a bit when the housing bubble chickens come home to roost. Nevertheless, they’ll remain profitable because CMHC will step in to protect BMO’s bottom line. Ridiculous for taxpayers, great for shareholders!

  3. No doubt, my bank stocks are looking good but then my statements from then clearly indicate why!

    And “the people who should be running the country are smart enough to stay out of politics!”

  4. BCM, thx for the link. I really enjoyed your empty nester blog post this week. Although for me, the time between graduating and getting married was when I felt like I had unlimited funds to spend, as I was working, yet not really concerned about saving. Ah, those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end….

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