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Quebec, Democrats, Sinkholes and Friday #Shoutouts

The best phony headline of the week, “Quebec roads invade Ontario!” and with the discovery (by a driver who didn’t see it until he was in it (luckily, he is fine)), the Ottawa Pothole season begins early! If you have not seen the pictures, one of my posts this week includes this massive hole that you normally see elsewhere (read Quebec), but I have included it at the bottom of this post as well.

Speaking of La Belle Province, as I said, it’s like Cirque du Soleil: entertaining and spectacular, but no one really understands it all. The wicked-out gunman killed someone during Mme. Marois’ speech was insane (even for Quebec) and I do not wish to trivialize the death of his victims either, but even I didn’t see that one coming. The PQ minority election (with not enough seats to create any viable coalition) is pretty much the best result that could have come out of it. There will be another election fairly soon, but who will lead the Provincial Liberals? Better still what will Jean Charest do now that he has resigned? Will the former Federal PC “leader” run for the Federal Liberal leadership? If you can have a former NDP Premier running, why not a former PC leader?!? Never a dull moment in Quebec.

Down South, the campaign starts in earnest with the Democrats rolling out “Slick Willy” (Bill Clinton) to try to kickstart the Obama campaign. I note the Republicans haven’t pulled George Bush (W. or Senior) out of the woodwork, but they are talking of Ronald Reagen a great deal (i.e. Romney is like Reagen in 1980), not sure Romney can pull off a good Gipper imitation (and Mrs. Romney is No Nancy Reagen).

Back to school week here in Ottawa goes relatively well, other than holes in the ground opening and swallowing cars, the world returns to a level of normalcy. The next long weekend to come is Thanksgiving? That is a little disheartening.

Weekly Recap

None of my posts disappeared in a sinkhole this week, but there were some good ones:

And thanks to those who added me on Twitter.

Crazed gunmen, global economic headwinds, real hurricanes, and continued lower interest rates were in the news, but what did my favorite writers write about:

Quebec Roads invade Ontario!!!

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  1. I think Obama’s gonna win the election. As long as he and the Democrats hold up the stock market, the public will vote their way.

  2. Sicko gunman…thankfully more people weren’t hurt or killed. Seriously, what is wrong with this world.

    If sinkholes were the worst thing that could happen to us, life wouldn’t be all that bad.

    Thanks for the mention BCM and stay out of the wet weather!

  3. Thank you for the recaps. Oh by the way, is anyone in that car when it got swallowed by the sinkhole? yeah that’s just crazy, and it could hurt…..real bad.

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