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Canajun Finances Home » NFL Refs are Back, Free Tuition and Friday #Shoutouts

NFL Refs are Back, Free Tuition and Friday #Shoutouts

After my concerted efforts with both sides, the NFL referees have returned to work, well OK, I bitched about it on-line and an agreement went into place the same day, so I had nothing to do with it, but I am still happy to see this (if anything it will shut up those Packer fans about how they were robbed and such). I think that fan outcry helped resolve this situation, and the NFL decided it was hurting their product to have this hanging over their heads (they would have no refs if they could, but figured throwing the officials a bone wouldn’t hurt their bottom line too much).

I am glad to see Mrs. Marois is living up to her promises of rolling back the tuition increases in Quebec, but in true Quebecois fashion, the students are now on the streets protesting for Free Post-Secondary tuition, which just goes to show, give them an inch they will take your wallet (and hand it back empty). I could have predicted this one, but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out (my guess is not much will come of it, but I did have a good laugh about it).

Will Justin Trudeau follow in his Father’s large footsteps (speaking of friends of the PQ)? Don’t know, but it might add a few real personalities back into Canadian politics, which is about as exciting as a Wish Sandwich right now. What I wouldn’t give for a Judy Lamarsh, or John Crosby just to make life more interesting. We have a status of women minister who seems to be anti-abortion, that is about as exciting as we get these days.

The search continues for Jimmy Hoffa, one has to wonder, why? I suppose now that the U.S. presidential campaign has gone mute, thanks to Obama deciding that Romney can do more for the President’s campaign, he is staying very quiet.

Weekly Recap

The fall colours are starting in Ottawa, so much less green around (much like my wallet):

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No mention of cartoons that infuriate folks, topless photos of royalty, or the lack of hockey:

  • If you’d like to learn about pretty much anything, go try No Excuse List which has links to any site you might want to go find stuff out from. Pretty amazing stuff.
  • The Blunt Bean Counter kibitzes about whether the CRA Should Reward Tax Snitches? I am not sure they should pay out the way the IRS does, but it might not be a bad idea.
  • Our amigo the Canadian Capitalist seems to have returned from a hiatus and asks why ING Direct Lags the Competition ? Not sure why that is the case, but they had better get moving.
  • Michael James points out that ETFs Offer a Variety of Investing Approaches , and you should read carefully before buying any ETF (as you should with all investments).
  • Mark at My Own Advisor gives us Reflections and Highlights from CPFC12 which was a Canadian Financial Blogging conference in Toronto (I got invited, but was busy that weekend, and it sounds like I missed out on a lot of fun).
  • Another new interesting site is the Deep End of Stupid with The Rules of Jo, well worth having a read.
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade is worried about our health with Don’t Worry, Be Healthy, which is true, worry will shorten your life.
No, no, no! Wrong Kind of Zebra

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  1. Frugal Guy with Balance

    I can’t beleive what I am hearing…..rolling back tuition fees in Quebec.

    I heard there were demonstration, with violence, damage, harrasment etc by some of the students. Out in BC we call those riots and we jail the bastards!

    I am not sure what kinda Koolaid you have beeen drinking but tuition fee rollbacks are just wrong. I feel the tuition fees should be much higher to reflect the true costs of the service.

    I can’t beleive a Vikings fan from the days of Bud Gran and Joe Kapp not ( Capp) would be so misguided.


    Justin Trudeau and filling his Father’s LARGE footsteps…please help us all!

    1. I didn’t say I agreed with the rollback (or the free tuition either). As for Joe Kapp, yup, my typo on that one.

      Large Footsteps :-), yeh, I love talking about Trudeau because the responses are so visceral to him (people either loved him or HATED HIS GUTS). He was my member of parliament for a long time. I can take him or leave him, but he was never boring, that is for sure!

  2. I heard one of the student protest leaders interviewed a few months ago. He cracked me up: education should be free, electricity should be free, etc. I wonder who he thinks should pay for these things. I also wonder whether he thinks demand for electricity will exceed supply if it’s free. It must be nice to be young, idealistic, and stupid.

    Thanks for the mention.

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