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Frankenstorms, #ThatsANoNo and Final #ZombieTweets

Hopefully the morphing of Hurricane Sandy into Superstorm Sandy does not transpire, but I grow weary of the media’s need to sensationalize the weather. They are becoming like Financial Bloggers, in that they predict 17 of the next 4 major storms, and at the end of it the public will simply ignore their warnings (however, the Media then has the “I told you so” in their back pocket).

If you are one of my Tweeps, you might have noticed yesterday my run of #ThatsANoNo themed posts, the one that started it was:

Using a Pay Day Loans place to pay for your new tattoo #ThatsANoNo

Yes, old hat for my regular readers, but maybe my Tweeps haven’t read my endless rants about Pay Day Loans? Every once in a while I’ll go on these jags, well worth joining my Twitter Posse for that very reason.

On my Twitter Feed you will also see many posts from many different bloggers (and on many different subjects too) but also some of my OBG’s as well (Oldies but Goodies):

What is Inflation? The Inflation question is always out there, here is what the Khan Academy has to say:

Moderate Inflation in a Good Economy: Why there tends to be moderate inflation during good economies

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