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Grey Cup, Cyber Monday, and #OldieButGoodie Tweets for a Sunday

It is Grey Cup Sunday and I may actually watch the game this year (I say that almost every year, we’ll see what happens), but it should be entertaining (as the CFL usually is). My Dad was a huge CFL fan, I was for a while, when Ottawa had a CFL team, but without a local team it is a lot harder to be interested in the league (but that will be remedied in a year or so).

It is Cyber Monday tomorrow, where allegedly you will get great electronics sales, but with Black Friday’s sales, what could be left? A deluxe electronic cheese straightener with free shipping from Amazon? We shall see if these great deals actually surface, or if it is just that much more hype.

Mrs. C8j and I did buy a new tire rack for the garage, so we can finally fit my car into the garage. Mrs. C8j didn’t like the comment I made about its good to have a nice rack in the garage. I quickly pointed out that while it is the nicest rack in the garage, there is a much nicer rack in the house, yup, I am a  pig.

If you are part of my twitter posse, you saw some of these, and if you aren’t, why not?

I have a lot of posture issues, given my height I slouch far too much, but this interesting video from our friends at Ted, points out that maybe everyone should have better posture:

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