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Black Friday: The Hype, the carnage but why?

Our friends at PBS have brought us a short from their Nightly Business Report on Black Friday and the insanity that is associated with the alleged “best sales of the year”.

As with most over-hyped concepts in our world, it all started out innocently enough, with some sales on the one of the already busiest shopping days of the year (since it signified to most Americans the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season), but now it has turned into a knock down, drag out, pepper spraying, lunatics have taken over the asylum type event of epic proportions.

It is no longer Black Friday any more, it is starting on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and has spread to Cyber Monday as well . People where I work had spent the whole night on-line looking for bargains (and thus didn’t come into work because they were too tired to work).

It isn’t just me is it, that thinks this whole thing has gone a bit too far?

Watch Retailers Kick Off Holiday Shopping Season Early on PBS. See more from PBS NEWSHOUR.

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  1. I went down to North Conway and I have to admit I was disappointed!!! It was my first time Black Friday shopping and everything was very civil and orderly. The deals were pretty good, not amazing but also some of the stores we don’t have where I am.

    I was expecting to have to climb over people and some body-checking, but there was absolutely none of that.

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