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Will they or won’t they? Is Hockey going to actually happen this year? In some ways I hope not because I am getting a lot done not sitting in front of the TV swearing at Jason Spezza making yet another blind drop pass. Can the millionaires learn to get along with the multi-millionaires? It’s all quite boring now, do it, or don’t do it, just stop being so boring. The Leafs and Sens continue on with their undefeated seasons (on the optimistic side of things).

The showdown on the Fiscal Cliff looms at the end of the month, and the rhetoric continues to percolate for now, but I suspect as each week passes without a solution will cause more acidic and nasty commentaries from both sides of the U.S. government. So sit back, get some egg nog and enjoy the histrionics on CNN and Fox News, should be quite entertaining.

An interesting week on the markets with CP Rail announcing 4,500 layoffs and their stock going up after the announcement. Citigroup in the states are planning 11,000 layoffs, and their stock went up as well, which begs the question, would a stock be worth infinite money if it could lay off all it’s employees (OK, it was a bad joke we used to tell in the bleak days of Nortel).

For those who love doomsday discussions, two more weeks until the world comes to an end, when Niburu will obliterate the earth and life will end as we know it. I guess I’ll make sure we are having Tacos and I’ll be drinking some tequilla on the 21st to show some respect to our Mayan predecessors.

Weekly Recap

This first week of December had another eclectic set of themes from me with:

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Links for the Week

Discussions about financial cliffs or just good old fashioned Personal Finance Advice , maybe they are putting their money in the vault ? I think vaulting it and not over-spending at Christmas is a good idea:

Top Stories of the Week of December 7th 2012
The First Week of Advent

I Don’t Know My Way Home in the Dark

Is Michael James pointing out the importance of a reasonable work/life balance. He has always had that, I am working towards a better one myself too.

A Compilation of Warren Buffett’s Online Articles

The Canadian Capitalist has an entertaining list of articles about or written by the Wizard of Omaha. Buffett is worth reading about, even if you don’t agree with all of his opinions.

Would You Buy A House Someone Died In?

Nelson at Financial Uproar asks this question. I think my answer is that as long as no one was murdered with a load bearing beam from the house, there shouldn’t be a big problem with that.

Nice picture of Robert Stack though.

Are RRSPs the Holy Grail of Retirement Savings or the Holey Grail?

The Blunt Bean Counter points out that while RRSPs have their advantages, like with all tools, how you use them is the most important thing about them.

Got a defined benefit pension plan? Consider yourself lucky then consider it a big bond

Mark @ My Own Advisor points out how lucky you are if you have a DB pension, and how you should view it as part of your retirement plan.

3 Big Budgeting Bugs

Gail Vaz-Oxlade points out a few of the mistakes that we can make while budgeting and planning our finances.

Remember a budget is like any plan, it is never done, it can change every day maybe.

2012 Bonus Round-up – Making $100 an Hour

Really? Joe at Timeless Finance seems to think he made $100 an hour from his credit cards? It’s an intricate web of thought, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could make money from our credit cards (without using them)?

The infallible portfolio?

Yes, Mark at The Physics of Finance is skeptical about claims of an infallible portfolio as well. Read his point of view on how this concept might just be a “pig in a poke” or possibly a “red herring”.

Takeover bids from Petronas and CNOOC looking riskier

Larry MacDonald points out that the accounting methodologies of China and other countries may make some takeover bids that much riskier. Is it being Xenophobic, or just prudent?

How to use social media to get better service

Ellen Roseman gives another example of someone who complained enough publicly that they got what they wanted (in the end).

Twitter is now the complaint desk of the world?

 Your advert  here send an e-mail for info to bigcajunman at canajun
finances dot com !

Former Mutual Fund Manager Lashes Out Against Industry (PODCAST)

Preet is back and he is having more fun on his podcasts too. He will also be on the O Network in the new year with his new TV show too!

Tweet of the Week


Other Bookkeeping

Bank of Canada vault

Putting it in the Vault (at the Diefenbunker in Ottawa (Canada’s Cold War Museum))

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  • My Own Advisor December 8, 2012, 9:24 AM

    I thought that was your vault in your home? Where you keep all your stock certificates? 🙂

    Tired of the NHL banter. I hate soap operas.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Michael James December 7, 2012, 8:09 AM

    I wish the sports channels would stop talking about the NHL and just wake me up when they have a deal to start playing again. I’ve lost all interest in this drama. Thanks for the mention.

    • bigcajunman December 7, 2012, 9:12 AM

      I’d rather the Sports Channel add more:
      1) Poker
      2) Dog Shows
      3) Ballroom Dancing
      Than talk about the NHL negotiations…


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