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5 Reasons Money Buys Happiness

As every one of my readers know I really love the concept of the financially numbered list of reasons why something is just plain magnificent, so here for you is another great list of Why Money Buys Happiness:

Money RESP
Happiness on the Line
  1. Have you ever seen a rich guy (or gal) that is unhappy? Do they complain to you about how they dislike their money and how they wish they never had it? Money is great, just ask a rich guy.
  1. Can you buy anything these days without money? If I walked into a GM dealership and wanted to buy a Black Trans-Am like Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit, would they sell it to me with no money? Of course not, and I’d be real happy if I had that car.
  2. It’s called Consumer Price Index for a reason, it’s not called a Consumer Happiness Quotient, so if Stats Canada thinks that measuring how much things cost, and thus how much happiness money can buy, that is OK like me. That’s almost like in Miracle on 34th Street except it’s not the Post Office validating my argument, it’s Stats Canada!
  3. Does anyone ever ask you to loan them some happiness or good cheer? NO! They always wanna borrow $20 which shows that money is that much more important than happiness too, and it sure seems to make the person you loaned the money happy too.
  4. How many songs are written about it? Money by Pink Floyd (or the Beatles (or even ABBA)), musicians are always happy and they love to sing about happy things, like Money!
  5. Look at all those folks who win lotteries, they just got a big load of money, and they look happy: QED -> Money buys happiness.

Please note the date of this post and the fact that I have used a Numbered List to make my point, if you actually are taking this seriously.

If you did take this seriously APRIL FOOLS!!! (and seriously read some more of my other stuff)


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  1. It’s so true!
    Can you write tomorrow’s post on the top five reasons why it’s better to buy your refrigerator now and not pay for 2 years? I just love these kinds of posts!

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