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Financial Anarchy Day?

Hollywood’s latest retread of the idea of one day where everybody goes completely nuts and no laws apply is a happy little movie called The Purge: Anarchy (it’s been done a few times, by the Twilight Zone, Star Trek and other similar genre of movies), but when I saw that if I put on my Financial (rose-coloured) Glasses, I realize that we have many such days every year.

Financial Spending Time!!!
Financial Anarchy Let’s Buy it All!!!

What could I possibly mean? There are days every year where all financial rules seem to go the hell out of the window. What days could I possibly mean?

  • Black Friday (the one that is the Friday after American Thanksgiving)
  • Cyber Monday because Black Friday isn’t enough for this pre-Christmas orgy of spending
  • Christmas Sales (also known as December)
  • Boxing Day (the day after Christmas)
  • End of Year, I have extra money, better spend it (December 31st)
  • St. Swithin’s Day
  • Opening Stores after a major Pandemic??
  • Back to School (also known as the summer)

Yes the last few are  just me being my normal sarcastic self, but if stores, banks and credit card companies had their way, we’d have Financial Anarchy every day of the year.

What is needed in the Financial World are more days where the Financial Rules are followed. How about a Thrifty Tuesday every week? A fun Financial Friday, where we make sure all our bills are paid? Maybe make January 2nd and July 2nd Financial Planning Days?

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  1. Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet

    The biggest example of this I have seen is definitely boxing day. People seem to forget all logic and buy things they normally wouldn’t simply because its the time of year when we are supposed to spend money

  2. Hopping on the alliterative bandwagon, we could have “Waste-not Wednesdays” or “Forget a Frappuccino Fridays”.

  3. Unfortunately, I think Thrifty Tuesday would get co-opted by the thrift stores as yet another reason to shop! (Remember: even if it’s dirt cheap, it’s still a waste of money if you don’t NEED it.)

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