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Christmas All Year Round

It seems the advertising and hype machine has succeeded, it is Christmas year-round. No, it is not a wonderful family time, but the hype to spend is pretty much year-round.

Let’s wander through our Calendar Year of spending, shall we?

New Years

This really end up being an extension of Black Friday/Christmas spending, but New Years sales go on for a good long while.

St. Valentine’s Day

Also known as Love Day, Valentine’s Day is an orgy of overspending in the name of keeping your loved one happy. The easiest way to show love is by spending lots of money, we all know that.


Hasn’t been completely conscripted as an orgy of spending yet, but things can change quickly. Easter is always a good time for change, or starting new things, but isn’t associated with over-spending. It is associated with new clothes though.

Mother’s Day

You can’t love your mother unless you spend a lot of money on gifts for her, right? The guilt pulled out to sell things for this is disgusting, but it does seem to work quite well.

May 2-4 Weekend

In the US it is usually around Memorial Day, and this holiday is when you need to spend enormous amounts of money on Cottages and outdoor projects. Also a big excuse for buying booze, and also buying Bar B Q’s, too!

Father’s Day

You know what your Dad wants for Father’s Day? Not all the the crap the media tell you. He wants to know you are happy, safe and doing OK, that is about it, so don’t bankrupt yourself for this reason.

Canada Day (or the 4th of July)

Ain’t it great? The Fathers of Confederation were surely thinking it would be a great time to buy a new car, or possibly an RV, when Canada was formed. Seriously, that is a selling point for that weekend.

Back to School

Yes, that starts pretty much in June and runs the entire summer. The kids haven’t even finished Grade N, when you should start buying stuff for Grade N+1 (or maybe Grade N again). Remember it is a great time to think about RESPs, because your kids will need that money sooner thank you think!

Labour Day

Back to school and the last long weekend of getting drunk at the Cottage or while on vacation, so let’s splurge!


C’mon, it’s almost Christmas, for Pete’s sake, but you need to splurge for this one. Get the 50 Kg turkey and enough food to feed the Minnesota Vikings, because, that is what you do to say Thank You!


Now it is getting crowded. Halloween really starts around Labour Day, but Thanksgiving kind of gets in the way as well, but Halloween is another huge money pit. You are an awful person if you don’t have $2000 worth of inflatable crap on your front lawn. Halloween is ripped down at 1:00 AM on November 1st, in preparation for the big day!

Singles Day

Seriously folks, this is the biggest orgy of spending worldwide, and it is completely made up. I got as much email about this, as I did about Black Friday. It is a little off putting given in overlaps with Remembrance Day here in Canada.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday/Black Friday Week

American Thanksgiving, is the trigger for huge spending. It is the start of the Christmas season, and another excuse to buy stuff you really don’t need or even want! Black Friday is the reason for the season.


Hence my thesis is that it is year-round Christmas. Is there any week I don’t receive a flyer with a plausible excuse for bankrupting myself? I doubt it.

Christmas Wishes from the Past

I seem to do this a lot, so here are my Christmas wishes from years gone by:

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