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Senators, Retiring Rich and #BestMoneyStories

Mark at My Own Advisor must be over the moon as the Senators have made it to the playoffs. Despite losing their top two goalies, the team has been performing exceptionally well. They have made a bold move by bringing up a player from AHL who was not performing well and was considering retirement. However, this move has worked wonders for the team. The playoffs are heating up, and it’s an exhilarating time for Ottawa as the Senators fight their way through. While I can’t predict the outcome, I will be keeping a close eye on the games. Just like I can’t predict the stock market, I can’t predict hockey games either.

Ottawa is also agog about another Senator, the Patrick Duffy trial continues on with more defecating elephants (figuratively speaking) than Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. This is going to get ugly in terms of mud-slinging, and the interesting part for me is that Mr. Duffy will start receiving his salary as a Senator again (if he isn’t somehow unseated) the day after the Federal Election is called. I think your best financial plan for retirement is to become a Senator.

Congrats to the Duke Blue Devils on winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, excellent game, well worth watching. A brickbat to Bo Ryan, Coach of Wisconsin, for complaining about the officiating and “one and out” players; there is no place for that kind of talk, coach; you are training men about life.

It seems we will have a deficit-free budget this year, but how this was all balanced is another more interesting story.

Retire Rich 2015 happened on Wednesday, and it was fun to watch the Twitter feeds from there with some of the more helpful statements included. Naturally, I jumped in with my helpful hints as well. Preet’s theory of a perfect financial life is the same design that Lotus F1 cars were designed with (cross the finish line, win the race and then fall to pieces).

My Writings for Week Ending April 10th

Wonder if McDonald’s will resurrect the Hamburgler character in their ads. Didn’t have a “best of” last week so let’s review a bunch of older stuff from me:

Asked Tangerine (who does have an iPad-compatible app) about why they don’t have a Personal Line of Credit, got this answer

This Week’s Finest Financial

Do you own foreign properties which are valued over $100K? If so Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter wants to help you with the T1135 Foreign Reporting Form 2014 Update , yes it is confusing, isn’t it? Think your taxes are complicated? Mark from 2nd Career Search claims We Need One More Horseman for a US Tax Apocalypse, and it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun doing taxes in the U.S.. While tuition tax credits can help, Marie from Boomer and Echo points out the large increase in tuition costs with Throwback Thursday: University Education 1965 vs. 2015 ($380 tuition fees? REALLY?!?!).

Speaking of automation it is worth seeing The Chart That Shows How Everything is Becoming a Computer, even some web sites are computer written (but not here, no computer could butcher the English language the way I do). The Globe and Mail has a very interesting view of the future of medicine with Welcome to the Future of Medical Records Keeping.

Barry from Money We Have points out It’s Time For a Money Reality Check, and maybe it’s time to ask, are you saving enough money? If not, why not? Ellen Roseman wants to help you out with that reality check Personal Finance Rules on an Index Card (yes, it can be that simple). Kerry from Squawkfox also wants to help out with Five Unconventional Ways To Get Your Financial Act Together, real thinking out of the box.

In the investing world Michael James points out rightly that Business Success is not the Same as Investor Success, and his advice you should heed (also his comment about hindsight is spot on too). Mark from My Own Advisor wants to help us out with what stocks to buy with Five Canadian Stocks for Greedy Dividend Investors (remember greed is good, if it’s your money).

Preet and CMHC

Did you realize the CMHC premiums go up June 1st? What does that mean? Just ask Preet:

Twitter Fun

I didn’t realize this one, but yes, it’s true!

Facebook Fun

Will they double the TFSA limit?

My Twitter feed is where I re-tweet many great articles by some of my featured writers (and make the occasional odd or off-colour commentary on life (in 140 characters or less)).

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  1. Not sure if the “Patrick Duffy” trial is a amalgam of Patrick Brazeau/Mike Duffy or ….?

    Sure makes you wonder if the triple e senate would have been such a bad thing….

    Has any player on the Sens asked to re-name the team yet?

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