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Tax Deadline

The tax deadline is not today (for 2015) thanks to a badly phrased set of instructions, the CRA has extended the deadline for 2015 to May 5th, so you have a whole weekend to finish, and thus many less reasons to not do your taxes (i.e. I don’t have the time).

You need help with your taxes you say? Well, here is a veritable treasure trove of useful articles by me to help you out with your tax preparation this year (don’t say I didn’t try to help):

Hour Glass
Just a Little More Time for Your Taxes
  • If you have a disabled child, a useful article is CRA Child Disability Benefit (How to), so you can do it yourself (and not lose any money). There are other helpful articles in this area, look under RDSP for many of them.
  • Remember that there is a new income splitting capability if your spouse makes a significant amount less than you, then you too can say Thanks for the $2000 .
  • It’s important to be informed about your taxes, as there are Many Myths About Your Taxes, better to know and save money.
  • Do a good job with your taxes too because Incompetence is Expensive with your taxes.
  • Maybe next year you should heed the advice that Tax Time Begins when your T-4 Arrives ?
  • Make sure you have all of your receipts as well, because you may end up getting Reviewed and Need to Submit all Your receipts (remember a review is not the same as an audit, you can submit receipts electronically).
  • Do you have a lot of medical expenses? Medical Expenses can add up to your taxes too.

You have the whole weekend to finish this, go get Turbotax, H&R Blocks Software, Ufile or whatever program you wish and get it done!

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