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Tax Extensions, Golf Season, Bank Fees, May Day and #BestMoneyStories

Thanks to some poorly phrased instructions, all the Tax Procrastinators out there have until May 5th to get their tax returns submitted to the CRA, but you still should be submitting your return (my theme for the week here).

Golf Ball
Off Season Up Close

The Senators, a hockey team, have ended their season and are now preparing to hit the golf course. The Blue Team has already been in their off-season for some time. Despite putting up a good fight, the Senators eventually ran out of steam. However, their exciting comeback performance was a sight to behold and undoubtedly provided a boost to the Ottawa economy by attracting fans who purchased tickets, dined at local restaurants, and participated in other related activities.

Seems RBC customers are not too happy with the latest bank fee increases they have just received, and well they should be irked, as I always say, it should not cost a fortune to put your money in a bank.

Happy May Day to all my fellow members of the proletariat who control the means of production, we continue to be oppressed under the boot of the rich, but one day we shall rise and live in a Utopian society where all people earn the exact same wage, and everyone gets to ride a Unicorn to work, yeh, I couldn’t keep it together for the full rant. Sorry to tell fellow Ontarians, but this kind of rhetoric is going to be commonplace very soon when the Provincial Civil Service takes action against the latest Provincial budget.

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow for those who want to invest hard-earned cash on that race. Not fond of the ponies? There is a big boxing match, where tickets cost $7000 a piece on stub hub.

My Writings for Week Ending May 1st

My time to write has increased thanks to the Senators and the Raptors exiting the playoffs,  I suppose I could start watching the Jays play, but the Kentucky Derby is this weekend (speaking of sure things):

This Week’s Finest Financial

Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter wants to talk about the one key point in last week’s budget, that is the TFSA limit increase, and he wants to help us with TFSA – Ease of Access, Discipline and Retirement. Will this change retirement planning? We shall see. Michael James jumps into the discussion with his own views on how the government is spinning the TFSA increase with Spinning the TFSA increase, lots of spin doctoring coming up (in the election campaign ahead).

Barry from Money We Have, asks Is Pet Insurance Worth It ? I am not sure, but given the cost of vets these days, might not be a bad idea. Mark from 2nd Career Search, has broken down to get a 2nd car, but he has found out the Car Purchasing Experience Has Not Improved. Marie from Boomer and Echo suggests Improving Your Home with Landscaping, at our place, grass that grew would be a nice start. The Motley Fool claims there are 77 Reasons You Are Awful at Money Management, how many times can you say, “You spend more than you make?”.

Seems someone in the Quebec Government has decided they want to rewrite the rules of the Henson Trust, which is disconcerting. I will be watching this one very closely, hopefully it is just a bureaucrat who screwed up, but we shall see.

Did someone saying investing? Mark from My Own Advisor brings us Seven Smart Investment Principles for Everyone, some good rules there. Twitter announced their results, but were scooped (allegedly) by a Bot, which found the sad numbers early and started the Big Drop in their stock price.

Fine Art and Money

For those missing out on culture, I give you from the NY Metropolitan Museum’s collection:

The Rich Man Transported to Hell, from The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Twitter Fun

Last time I saw this empty a stadium? The dog days of the Expos, when they announced crowds of 10,000 and it was really 836

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  1. Not sure why the Orioles game couldn’t have been postponed and played later this season. It did make for an interesting (empty) backdrop, however.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. “Seems RBC customers are not too happy with the latest bank fee increases they have just received, and well they should be irked, as I always say, it should not cost a fortune to put your money in a bank.”

    The simple solution is to move your accounts to a “no fee” bank. I was an RBC customer until 2001 when I finally had enough of those ever-increasing fees and moved everything lock, stock and barrel to PC Financial. That was the 3nd best thing I ever did financially. My first best was paying off all my debt in the early 80’s. My second best was taking advantage of that wonderful savings vehicle courtesy of our government, the TFSA.

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