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Unemployment Continues to Rise

Friday Stats Canada did their monthly labor force survey for February 2015, and while the employment numbers look like last month’s numbers, Unemployment continues to creep ahead.

Seasonally Adjusted Employment and Unemployment for Past 5 Years
Seasonally Adjusted Employment and Unemployment for Past 5 Years (from 71-001-X)

Even thought there were about 2300 less folks employed month over month the year over year overview is a bit more optimistic:

On a year-over-year basis, employment grew by 0.7% (+118,000), with the gains mostly coming from full-time work (+82,000 or +0.6%). At the same time, the number of hours worked increased by 1.0%.

The other good news for old guys like me is there were more men 55 and over employed (and it is sad that we are all still looking for work).

If you look through the detailed reports from Stats Canada you find out some interesting tidbits like the following:

Adjusted to US concepts, the unemployment rate in Canada was 6.2% in February versus 4.9% in the United States.

So our economy continues to struggle in comparison to our Cousins down South.

Who is looking, and who has jobs? A helpful graphic:

Jobs by different groupings
Where the jobs are, aren’t and who(m) has or has not

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  1. Have you written about the difference between the employment rate and the participation rate? What do the differences in there numbers tell us?

    1. The labour force participation rate in Canada (adjusted to US concepts) was 65.7% in February, compared with 62.9% in the United States.

      Depends how you read that, does it mean that 34% of folks are not partipating? If so, why?

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