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Unknown Long Weekend, Windows 10 and #MoneyTalk

From 2016 but still some useful financial articles and a big stinky plant too!

In most places in Canada, this is a long weekend ahead (except in Quebec), but in Ontario, we are so lazy we don’t even have a name for it. Here in Ottawa, it is Colonel By day, near Toronto it is Simcoe Days, elsewhere, who knows? I appreciate that the Ontario government is busy trying to Tax Taxes, or make large payouts for programs that never happened (i.e. the Ontario Pension Plan), but could we not just name this silly thing and be done with it?

Corpse Flower Stinky
A Corpse Flower is Blooming in New York ? (in 2016)

The ongoing political circus in the United States is nothing short of a reality show. However, it has been a blessing in disguise for Canada’s tourism industry. With all sides claiming that if the opposing side wins, Americans will be flocking to Canada, we might have to consider building new cities to accommodate them. Let’s not forget, immigration is what made Canada great, and everyone is welcome here. But remember guests, please wipe your feet before entering and always be polite to your hosts.

Remember the “Free Windows 10 upgrade” is now at an end for folks. Funny my Mac comes with a free OS, that seems to load from anywhere, but that is me just being a “Neo Zoom Dweebie” isn’t it? Do your upgrade or be forced to fork out some money.

Speaking of smelly things, evidently, A Corpse Flower Has Started to Bloom After a 10 Year Wait at the New York Botanical Garden, why would you want to go there?

My Writings for the Week Ending July 30th

I posted two things this week, the first one, a commentary on the data from Stats Canada, Zap! Electricity Prices Pushes Inflation in June, and the price of electricity in Ontario is beyond ridiculous. I grew up in Quebec, and for all the commentaries you wish to make about La Belle Province, they got the electricity thing right (on the backs of 1st Nations and Newfoundland, admittedly).

For those of us with kids that are in Post-secondary programs, about now is when we get the Tuition Bill for the fall, and I had a look at one from Queen’s and was floored by the additional fees, so, naturally, I had to write about it in, The Business of University Fees. I should start my own University bet I could make some money (yes that was a Trump jab).

A Money Thought

Every time I browse /personalfinance, I end up reading posts by people half my age complaining about making twice as much as I do. from Showerthoughts


Some Huge Financial Stories

While Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter might be on vacation, he still is putting out some excellent pieces (OK, republishing some excellent pieces) and this week he added, How Much Money do I Need to Retire? Heck if I Know or Anyone Else Does! – Part 6. The answer is? That would be telling. If you are investing for your retirement (which you should) maybe you are looking at a Dividend Investing scheme, and Frugal Trader wants to help you with Dividend Kings List – Companies with Annual Dividend Increases for Over 50 Years!. Staying with the retirement theme Marie from Boomer and Echo brings us Creating Retirement Income: A Fixed Payment Strategy, different strategies can be interesting to read about.

I contacted the government about the new Canada Child Credit and got confirmation that the Child Disability Credit is included in the new credit, and if you want more details about this, read Mark from My Own Advisor’s piece Canada Child Benefit (CCB) 101.

Real Estate seems to be a major driving force to our economy, and now governments seem to be creating xenophobic laws and Blessed by the Potato comments on one of these new laws, The BC GVA Tax . The idea of taxing foreign investors more worries me, but we shall see whether it does slow down the white-hot Vancouver real-estate market.

Michael James stirs the financial pot (speaking of investing) with Aren’t the Banks the Investing Experts? The answer is, they give good financial advice for someone (but not necessarily for you).

And Now, Sam the Eagle

One last stern look from Sam about the US Election (or meetings at 5:00 PM (Or Mutual Fund MERs))

2016 Random Thoughts

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