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Year of the Fire Rooster, Financial Groundhog Day and #MoneyTalk

Yesterday, a rodent may or may not have seen his or her shadow and winter may or may not be ending sooner or later. What would financial ground-hog day be like ? This happens pretty much every month, when the Bank of Canada sets key interest rates, maybe they decide on the basis of the Governor seeing his own shadow? No, but that is a worthwhile indicator I suppose.

Financial groundhog day
Year of the Fire Rooster a 13 month long year.

It is the year of the Fire Rooster, to our friends who observe the Chinese Lunar Calendar. If you are a Rooster, this may not be a good year for you, but I still enjoy the Festive Celebrations for this new year. We shall see how fortunate a year it ends up being, but it will be a long year, with 13 months .

In Ottawa we begin Winterlude , the festival celebrating the winter here. The weather rarely co-operates, it is either too warm and the canal melts or so cold no one wishes to be outside. The forecasts suggest  this might be a good year to enjoy the festival.

My Writings for Week Ending February 3rd

I have been meaning to publish this week’s article for a while, but wasn’t sure whether I got it right. I have been approached by a few “Promoters” of companies that charge a fee (or percentage) to help folks get their Disability Tax Credit, and I have ignored their offers, as I feel they are taking advantage with their fees. When I came upon Bill C-462 I thought that finally the government was agreeing with my opinion, however, as I wrote in Bill C-462 : Protecting Disabled Canadians or a Paper Tiger ? it seems this act is dead on arrival.

If anyone has any more insight on this, please contact me as I am very interested to find out whether this Act will ever be put into practice.

Editor’s Note: I have now included the last update date on all my articles, so you can see that those that I may “reprint” in social media, has usually been updated (or edit’ed to make it more readable).

Money News from the Groundhog

This week’s political news from the U.S. and Canada has been dizzying, and so out of control, I am taking a moratorium on commenting on this bizarre media circus. On the financial side of things, the interesting part of all of this will be what happens when many regulations are removed in the U.S. and what this will cause in their economy. My guess is, the number of Ponzi Schemes, and similar consumer fooling systems will sky-rocket.

It’s That Time of the Year

Soon the airwaves and ads all over the Internet will be talking about RRSP’s (in fact one talked about RRPS!), so this blast from the past from Preet will help explain to you what an RRSP is:

2016 Random Thoughts Year End

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