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A while ago I wrote a review of the Quicken Business & Home 2017 (Canadian Version) . In that review I mentioned the Quicken iPhone/iPad app (I think there is an Android version as well). I have a better perspective on the subject, after trying them out.

Quicken 2017

Quicken 2017 Canadian Edition

I installed the Quicken app on my iPad and on my iPhone and initially I didn’t think about using it, but that has changed. Most of the time (when I remember), I will enter new transactions on the Quicken 2017 App, and sometimes even take a photo of the receipt.

The application itself seems to have some brains in it, as it will use the GPS and map data in your phone to try to guess where your expenditure happened. An example was when I was at Costco, and in the parking lot, I input the ridiculous  amount that we spent, and the App filled in the “Spent at” field with Costco. You can override this capability, but this is kind of nifty (while being a privacy concern too).

Another Step in the Right Direction

If Quicken continues to support these adjunct programs for its Quicken system (in Canada) this may be a big plus to the whole program. My hope is that the Quicken Cloud has a high level of security around it. The information in the Cloud would be highly valued by hackers.

If they could make Quicken 2017  easier to track investments that would be better. Currently there is a lot of manual data entry to track your investments.

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