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OHIP Overload, Doomsday minus 2 minutes, and #MoneyTalk

Critical Illness Insurance
How do we pay for all of this?
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Can OHIP and Medicare survive? Stats Canada has an interesting report to worry you (and points out the Tsunami of Alzheimer’s and Dimentia cases), High use of acute care hospital services at age 50 or older. The aging population will tax all parts of the Social Safety net, but can our hospitals deal with this? We will need more structures, more Doctors , more Nurses and more support staff, where will they come from? My guess is the full impact of OHIP overload and other services is not completely clear (yet).

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CPP should survive, but what are our OHIP rates going to be is a much better question to ask.

Maybe the Doomsday clock moving closer to our demise is a good thing? See below for further details.

This year I finally followed my advice and unlocked my Bell iPhone 5. I followed the advice of How to Save Money, on how to do it on-line, and it worked (I think). The problem is I need a SIM card from another company to test it, so I haven’t actually tested that it worked.

My Recent Writings

Thanks to a comment by an Anonymous Banker, I learned about a Canadian banking regulation, and thus I wrote, Banking Regulations our Friend. Banks cannot force you to open a bank account with them if they offer you a loan, however, they can offer you a better deal to entice you to open that account.

Micro Blogging on Finance

I follow Jason Zweig from the WSJ and he does an excellent job with the extra characters Twitter has given us, to make a bit of biting financial satire.

No LRT Any Time Soon

Captain Obvious visited Ottawa this week, and we found out that our LRT is going to be late. Anyone in Ottawa already knew that, the only question is when will it start running, my guess is 2019.

  • Kerry from Squawkfox brings us an interesting way to look at your purchases,Is a purchase worth it, can you measure cost in terms of hours worked. At first I thought she was writing a spike article about Fluff (one of the important food groups), but no, she was clearly asking you to figure out how long you worked to purchase that jar of Fluff. Yes it is worth the work, is my opinion (having grown up on Fluffer-nutters.
  • Speaking of getting old Mark from My Own Advisor asks an interesting question,
    Should you defer your Canada Pension Plan to age 65 or 70? I think it depends on your financial situation, and your retirement plans.
  • Bruce Schneier points out  Security Breaches Don’t Affect Stock Price, and much as I would love to say his logic and evidence is flawed, it isn’t. Investors seem to forgive incompetence readily these days.
  • Here is your Bitcoin click-bait for the week, 90% of Bitcoin’s value could get wiped out, Wall Street veteran Peter Boockvar warns, could it happen? Sure! Could it double in value again? Maybe? Does anyone really know? No.
  • For all you Fintech lovers out there, here is a great bit of click-bait, The World’s Biggest Hedge Fund is Embedding Its Founder’s Brain in an Algorithm. Frankenstein’s Fintech lives?!?
  • Interesting how some folks announce their retirement, Michael James did it in, I am Done With RRSPs (a little click-bait-like). At first blush you think he has gone off his nut, but then you read to see he is not going to figure out how is the best way to take money out of his RRSP, a clever bit of title fun there.

Doomsday Clock

Were you feeling confident that the world wasn’t going to obliterate ourselves with thermonuclear devices? You might want to rethink that idea a little bit.

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