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What is Your Price, BLACK FRIDAY, Phoenix and #MoneyTalk #FLM2017

A very odd Twitter exchange erupted this week between Robert Browne, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Kerry K. and a few other folks about what is your price? What amount of money will cause you to walk away from your blogging morals and do it just for the money? It is interesting because that exact question was asked over dinner between myself, Mr. Browne, Mrs. Browne and Michael James, and the number seems to be $1 Million (to begin with).

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

What would we do for it? Someone stated:

“For a mil, I’d walk up and down Yonge Street wearing a sandwich sign for a payday loan place. Naked. In February.”

I stated I’d have to be paid $1.25M to watch this exhibition.

what is your price
What is Your Price ?

To quote one of my favorite heel wrestlers from the 90’s, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase:

Whoever says they would never, just hasn’t thought about how much money it would take.

It is Black Friday today, where mayhem and deals run rampant. I am not really sold on the concept of all these great deals, but I am sure there will be mayhem. I have nothing on my list to purchase, but I may do some on-line window shopping. Look at Anti-Virus software and maybe Quicken, both worth having.

The Phoenix Pay system was in the news again. The Auditor General’s report confirmed what anyone in the Civil Service knew, the system is a mess, and will take a lot of money and time to repair it (at least 2 years and another $540M). That is a pretty high price for taxpayers and there is no guarantees it will be fixed by then. It has not lived up to the promised money savings,  but the blame can be shared across the board.

My Recent Writings

A couple of articles by me over the past few weeks, still not back to more than 1 a week, but things may change in the new year.

I went to the financial confessional with Why Waiting 6 Months to Update Your Financial World is a Bad Thing (and it is). I felt sorry for myself and let things go, and paid a price for my self-pity.

My instincts are to work hard to save small amounts of money, for some reason, and Banking and Saving Fees outlines another important way I am saving $3 an ATM withdrawal. Maybe I should spend more time worrying about Macro Finance issues?

Micro Blogging on Finance

It seems the folks at Telus and Rogers are having problems complying with the December 1st deadline for selling and unlocking cell phones for free, and are now asking for an extension on this and the other parts of the CRTC’s policies? Let us hope the CRTC says, No!.

Happy CPFC17

Many of my Personal Finance family and friends will be meeting in Toronto for the CPFC17. I won’t be there for a few reasons, but hope everyone has a great time!

Net Neutrality

Given the President has taken away most of the old Financial rules to allow us to get back to the good old days of 2005-07, the FCC (the CRTC of the states) is now about to deal a death-blow to Net Neutrality. This means things in the states are gonna be a lot weirder on-line. Chris Pirillo has an interesting perspective for you on the subject, and yes this will affect Canadians too.

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